Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the first questions we ask new patients is, “Do you like your smile?”
It may sound like a silly question, but we think it’s an important one. You should be happy and confident with your smile…and we can help with that.




There are many different options to improve your smile, including cosmetic bonding or “reshaping the front teeth” with resin. This procedure is done in one visit, often without anesthetic. We use several different shades blended with watercolor brushes to achieve a natural look. The results are a simple, instant transformation.


The process for transforming your teeth with porcelain veneers takes a little longer, but the end result is a highly esthetic, beautiful smile. We follow the same steps with each case, but each patient is as unique as the end result.


1. Consultation appointment
At this visit, we discuss the patient’s chief complaint and his or her goals. We usually take photographs, x-rays and a digital scan of their existing teeth in order to make models of idealized teeth.



2. Case presentation appointment
The second visit is a quick review of the models from the dental lab. We can discuss subtle changes including shape and size of the proposed teeth.



3. Teeth preparation appointment
The next visit is usually the longest. Our dental lab technician, who will be creating the veneers, comes to office to meet the patient. He will again go over the patient’s goals and discuss final shade options. The teeth are prepared, impressions taken, and temporaries placed.




4. Delivery appointment
After 2-3 weeks in the dental lab, the veneers are back and ready to be placed in the patient’s mouth. The temporaries are removed, and the final restorations are tried in. Once the patient and dentist both approve of the fit, feel and look, the veneers are bonded into placed and polished. The patient leaves with a bright new smile!



5. Follow up appointment
Usually a week or two after delivery, the patient will return for any adjustments and a final photo. After that, regular cleaning appointments are must. If proper home care is maintained and regular checkups occur, veneers can last several decades.


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